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The Bush Life
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

More pictures

Well, here I am at the library again and not to much has happenend since the last time. Just the same old cold weather. So I will show some pictures while I am thinking of what to say.

Camp robber

My new birdfeeder

My new little buddy

Night shot

Clouds and the moon

Robbing the new feeder

Sniffing? LOL

AHHHHH! Quiet and peaceful

Hard at work

I got tagged for shoveling snow across the road.

Cool bird


becky3086 said...

Very nice. It is amazing that I would give a lot to see a spruce tree and a white birch. Those are the things you miss being in the South.

John said...

Thanks Becky, they are nice trees. I would like to have apple and oak trees.

Susan Stevenson said...

That red bird is a male Pine Grosbeak! Aren't they beautiful? I get them in my yard from time to time. I love the way their color is so cheerful against the snow.

Stay warm JOhn!

lynn said...

I think the wild life enjoys your shoveled path. What type of bird is that, beautiful colors? Do you get any sort of fine for the tagging? I hope not, finding a place to put all the snow becomes a struggle, even here in Maine, luckly not this winter though. Thanks for the updates, love the posts as it starts my day at work with a smile.

CottonLady said...

Cool photos...or should I say 'cold' photos?! Your little friends are so cute...even the camp robber. Great birdfeeder, too. I really don't envy you the cold, but sure would like some of the snow. Need the moisture so bad here in NW Texas.
About how many cords of wood do you go through in a winter like this? I'm sure it's a full time job just having enough wood.
Be safe, my friend...Blessings!

John said...

Hi Susan, thanks for identifying the bird. I enjoyed watching them hanging out. A change from the old camp robber.

John said...

Hi Lynn, I'm glad I can help you start your day off with a smile. Susan says it is a Pine Grosbeak. They are very cool birds. No fine. I hope your day goes very well for you.

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy the photos.. Yes those are Pine Grosbeaks.. I have a flock of them in my back yard this winter.. They seem to disappear in the Summer possibly because I quit feeding birds in the summer, and they don't always find their way back in the fall. I think it's strange that we rarely ever see a Camp Robber at our feeder here in town.. We had Stellar (Blue) jays come to our feeder when we lived down by Homer.. Rarely ever see one of them up this way... Got lots ofr Chicadees and Red Bols here tho... Stay Warm John

John said...

Good morning John, it's nice to see different wildlife. I remember when I made my birdfeeder out of a raisin box, it seemed to attract many different birds. Maybe the bright color? Have a good day.

Carol G said...

I didn't get any birds at my feeders last year, so didn't try this year. What kind of feed seems to be a favorite attracter? Last year, I'll admit, we were afraid of attracting the bears too. We live on the Kenai Peninsula and bears are abundant here. I may have just done the suet last year. Maybe I'll try again, but it could be too late already.

John said...

Hey Cupid, the thing is, you can put anything out and the camp robbers come. The other birds arn't coming to my feeder yet. I have the Denali blend wild bird feed in mine.

Terri said...

John, Your bird photos make me smile. I love feeding birds too, and am always excited to see what kind of birds might end up at my feeder. We have a lot of bluebirds around here and they are so pretty. I know Alaska is getting more snow than usual this year according to the weather news anyway, so I guess you're getting your fair share of snow shoveling. Who needs to go to the gym when you shovel snow and chop wood for the stove? Enjoy the winter and your time in your sweet and cosy cabin. I wish I was brave enough to build a house but haven't tried it yet. I envy those of you who do. What a sense of accomplishment you must have from building your own home.

John said...

Hi Terri, nice to see you checking back. I look at wildlife as food and company. When you are basically alone, wildlife are your companions. I enjoy watching birds when the fly or just glide on airwaves. We have so much snow and the temps. Just started to warm up. This morning is +8, yahoo. If you have never built a cabin before and want to, have a cookout and invite people to help and make it a social project. Thinking of building in Alaska?

Anonymous said...

Been hiding from the puter... Trying to get on it less and less. Cant say Im getting more done because of it. LOL Love the new Pictures. I use to see rabbits all the time when I lived north of Fairbanks but I have actually never seen any wild ones down here. He seems right at home out there with you. LOL

You planning to go out to your land before break up or do you have any plans as of yet?

I think we have had just around 11 or so feet of snow at my place... maybe just a bit less... Needing to plow the last foot that fell a couple of nights ago. Just checking in to see how you are doing. Hope all is good.


John said...

Hi Wash, I haven't been on much lately, shoveling snow and way to cold to go to the library and being lazy also. It is warming up though, woke up to 0 degrees this morning. I have lots of rabbits and spruce hens.

CottonLady said...

Hey John, just checking in to see if you are under a snowbank or somethin!! Then saw that you posted yesterday. Not sure I could take all the cold you all are tolerating up there.
Stay safe, my friend. Blessings!

John said...

Hi Cotton, good to see ya. I haven't made it to the library, lazy, another big snow and way to cold. I am going to try tomorrow. This has been one heck of a winter. I am still hanging in there.