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The Bush Life
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday was such a nice day, sunny, warm, just an all around great day. This morning started out nice.

When I wake up to mornings like this, I wonder if I deserve to live among this beauty. There is something very magical and spiritual about it. I am thankful to have it in its purest form. But as the day grew on the colors didn't.

As the day went on it got progressively dismal. Rain, wind and the temps. kind of went back and forth between 36 and 42. Just made it miserable outside. I'm not really feeling down, maybe a little bit. I thought to myself, what could make this day a little bit better? Sharing with everyone who visits my blog and this.
                  Hot Chicken Chinese Vegetable Soup

Good tasting, bone sticking and Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Good.


Dr. Momi said...

Soup looks good! ...and I see the trees are budding.

Susan Stevenson said...

After such a long winter, and weeks of sunshine and warmer temps, when it's dismal, I feel bummed out too. We had rain the day before yesterday. I was not happy! Sunshine today though. Hope it's sunny where you are.

John said...

The soup was great and the apple pie. Nice to see buds on the trees,good sign.

John said...

Hi Susan, unfortunately, that day was the last day of sunshine and a beautiful day. The last few days, rain, cloudy, overcast and wind. Win some, lose some.

David G said...

Will you do a blog on your soup recipe? Thanks

John said...

Hi Dave, the recipe is simple, add cooked chicken, chinese vegetables and boullion cubes to taste. But, its great on chilly overcast days.