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The Bush Life
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter weekend pictures.

I pretty much didn't do anything, living by myself isn't a whole lot of incentive to go all out. Here is this mornings sunrise.

It started to look like it was going to be nice as the sun rose higher in the sky.

Then about 12:30 p.m. it started clouding up and it is now raining lightly.
I forgot this picture from when I woke up about 5:15a.m.

These next photos are kind of ramdom from this weekend. Kind of lost track of the order but, what the heck. My tree marking my waterhole finally fell over meaning breakup is in the works.
                   This is the hole it was frozen into.
Easter day my friend Ron who runs the clinic in the nearby village came out to visit and I made up some wings and macaroni salad and we had a piece of apple pie for dessert. Coming off the lake.

Forgot, I had another guest for Easter. He had some walnuts.

The rest are just random photos of the days this weekend.

I have 5 more days until I start my countdown to heading North and building my new cabin. Getting really excited. I hope everyone had a nice Easter.


becky3086 said...

I really love looking at all your pictures. You may not have had a big family dinner but you still look like you had a nice Easter.

Alaska Bound said...

How long is the countdown going to be? Once the 5 days are up.. Do you have the cabin design/size all planned out? I am assuming it is also off the road system. What about the grid-will you have power? Awesome photos of the sunrise and even before it rose!

John said...

Thanks Becky, it was nice. You know, sometimesit is much nicer when you don't have a lot of people hanging out.

John said...

Hi Alaska Bound, The countdown will be a 30 day countdown. Makes me feel better. That's when the X goes on each day. The plan for my cabin is on my blog somewhere. Off the road system? Oh Yeah definately. I will have power when I need to. I have a small generator to watch movies, charge the battery. I plan to spend most of my time outside in the summer. Mostly during the day in the winter. I enjoy taking photos of nature.

Rumbarr said...

John you got the coordinates for the new cabin ? I want to see the location on google satelite .

Susan Stevenson said...

Beautiful skies! Love the photos!

John said...

Thanks Susan, I enjoy taking photos of the skies, clouds and everything else.

John said...

Rumbarr, Rumbarr, I hope you don't take this the wrong way but, generally, people who live in a remote area don't like to give their exact location mostly because of security amd more so privacy. I especially would not like to put my coodinates on the Internet for everyone to see. Hope you understand. I will tell you that it is in the vicinity of Skwentna. Would that satisfy you?