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The Bush Life

The Bush Life
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Here is a poem I found

             The Beauty of No Indoor Plumbing

                      I just went out to pee
                      and much to my aglee
                      it's Thirty below
                      and the sky is aglow
                      with Northern Lights to see.

                      The Northern Lights you see
                      can help to set you free,
                      you'll stand and stare
                      with frozen nose hair
                      and forget you came out to pee.

                      If you give the lights a chance
                      They'll put you in a trance
                      from green to red
                      as you lay back your head
                      and watch their magical dance.

                      It seems from the end of September
                      until I just can't remember
                      it gets so darn cold
                      and the dark gets real old
                      but, the dance of the lights keeps
                      you limber

                      You'll feel so warm inside
                      and the smile you just can't hide,
                      while watching the lights
                      on cold winters nights
                      you really can't beat the ride.

                     It's a ride so pure and free,
                     it's a ride you'll just have to see,
                     at thirty below
                     and the sky aglow,
                     Don't forget you came out to pee.

 poems by Jimmy Tohill / Old Sourdough Studio-Denali.                        


becky3086 said...

LOL, this was cute!

John said...

Jimmy has some very nice poems and he is coming out with a book soon. When he announces it, I will post it.

becky3086 said...

Great. I have written some poetry myself but nothing this...whimsical, lol.

John said...

I enjoy writing poems myself, only I can never remember them. I have them written down but, not with me.