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The Bush Life
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Another great day

The day started out pretty nice. I really enjoy mornings like this. Sitting in a quiet cabin having fresh brewed coffee looking out the window as the day begins.

The one thing I knew was, it is laundry day, the big one. Sometimes I get lazy and let it go for to long and then I have to break out the real washing machine.

I know what you are thinking, how hard could it be to use this washer? Well, first, it takes about 3  five gallon buckets of water to fill it. Then it takes as many to rinse. You also have to wring the clothes out both times and then use the spinner which really helps the drying quite a bit. Afterwards, I have to go out open my water hole and haul five seven gallon containers of water back to fill up my water container.

Afterwards, being Friday which is mail day, we get mail Mon. Wed. and Fri. I decided to go to the village to get mail. On the way, I came across some friends of mine pulling their fish net from under the ice.

They brought out a nice big haul. Mostly white fish and an 8lb. Lake Trout.

OOPS! I forgot, guess who got the Lake Trout? UH HUH! You guessed it, me.

All in all, it turned out to be a very nice day. It was sunny and 50 degrees again.



Carol G said...

what is that animal on the top of your page? I used to have to do laundry that way when I lived in Hungary, but we had running water and a bathtub. Hard on the back... I don't envy you!

John said...

That is a LYNX

becky3086 said...

When I was younger we lived on a mountain in NH and the first year we had no running water. We had a wringer washer and I still remember that it took 8 buckets (regular buckets) to fill it and we had to walk all the way to the well to get that, then 8 more to rinse.
The trout looks great! I really miss trout now that we are here in GA but I can't say that I miss snow much, lol.

John said...

It's amazing, I live by myself and it still takes a lot of water to do laundry. The thing is, I don't mind doing these things, beats a laundermat,LOL The trout was good